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Explanation on ISIC cards


The Government offers discounts for students and therefore we offer them too. However, the Government (Ministry of Culture) offers these discounts only to owners of ISIC cards validated by them. It is not enough to be a student or to have any ISIC card to benefit from the discount. The Government must accept the card, which will be carefully examined. Our Agency does not decide whether a card is valid or not or whether we apply a discount. We are only following the indications of the Ministry of Culture. That's why we want to explain which card is accepted and which card is refused.Even if we would like to accept all the cards, in the end it is the Ministry of Culture that will decide.

Accepted and rejected cards

Accepted Cards

  • International Student Identity Card (ISIC) card.
  • ISIC card with at least the name and the university.
  • Readable ISIC card, not erased or rectified.
  • ISIC card valid on the date of service. The validity date must appear clearly.

Rejected documents

  • Credit card including ISIC
  • ISIC card inculding a banking card
  • National Student Card
  • University Card
  • Teacher ITIC Card
  • Any other student proof, even official
  • Not readable, erased or rectified Card.
  • Expired Card or without the validity date.
  • Card with both hand written and printed text at the same time.

Examples of accepted cards and rejected documents (non exhaustive list).

Note that in our examples the names and photos have been hidden but they must obviously appear on the sent document.

Example of accepted cards.

Example of rejected documents.